Already have a CCBILL Account and want to login to your account in NATS? You will need the following CCBILL information:

  • USERNAME (not affiliate id)
  • EMAIL (If you no longer get email at that address - contact us)
Go to this URL

Enter your CCBILL information then click "RESET PASSWORD"

Check your email at the address you entered for your new password. Return to Enter your username and the new password and you will be logged in.

At that time, please take the time to change your personal information for receiving payments and any settings that you wish to change.

That should do it!

Ok, what if you have 2 accounts with CCBILL - one for ghostcash and one for butterflybucks?

You will have to go through the process a 2nd time. You will then have to choose a main account in NATS for payments and can start the migration of all your links from within this main account OR you can keep 2 accounts just need to have two different email addresses.