About us

Ghost Cash is the leading affiliate program for the Asian/Thai niche. Our mission is to create the best selling and retaining Asian sites on the web; for both our affiliates and members. Established in 2000, Ghost Cash is helmed by an experienced team who knows what sells and how to make you the maximum amount of money.

We run our business based on delivering exactly what our customers need. No excuses, if you have questions or requests we are here for you. In today's fast-paced world, cash programs come and go. Most are lucky if they break the 2-year mark. We've been going strong for over 20+ years

At Ghost Cash our goal is to help make you the most money possible. In order to succeed long term we offer our webmasters a wide variety of tools and resources, including hundreds of tube clips, free hosted galleries, exclusive content, 24/7 support and much more! What are you waiting for? Join today and start making $$$ with exclusive niche sites that convert!

All of our content is 100% exclusive and shot by us. That means we do not rely on outside sources to receive our content, so there will never be an issue with high quality updates or high end new sites. All of our equipment is state of the art, and all images and video are of the highest quality. This helps you create the best promo materials possible, and members will have the high quality content that keeps them rebilling. Each site has is tailored to a specific niche of hard-to-locate content and the personal touch for each of our girl's sites. Take a look at our tours to see for yourself. All of our sites are designed to maximize sales, and deliver exactly what the member came for again and again. All member areas are constantly updated and easy to navigate.

Sales Tools
Our cutting edge advertising tools are one of the many points that make Ghost Cash special. We currently provide a multitude of ready to go promo material: hosted photo galleries, hosted video galleries, Tube content, attention-grabbing banners, and much more. All of our galleries are updated each and every week. If you have questions on the location of a particular tool contact us anytime. As technologies and methods of promotion change, we will also be there with you every step of the way. *WARNING* Do not use full length videos, or include money shots in video content. Do not use content that you find on the web as it is illegally obtained. We will help honest webmasters in everyway we can and will remove dishonest webmasters without warning.

Customer Support
We're here for you. If you ever run into an issue or have an idea on how to improve the program, just drop us a line. Since we're a small company, you will get that personal service. Your emails and instant message requests go straight to the source, and not shuffled back and forth for answers. The person that received your request has the power to take immediate action on whatever you need. So much for 3-day replies!

Our member customer support is as fast as our webmaster support. All emails get answered almost immediately. There's no point in having a revshare program and not take effort to keep the customer rebilling. We all value those rebills, and fast helpful customer support is just one of the ways we retain our loyal members.