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We're working hard to make sure you have everything you need to promote our sites. If you are having trouble with the site or have a suggestion to make our site more useful to you, contact us and let us know! Also, check back often- we are constantly releasing new content, galleries, and banners so you can keep your sites fresh to your users which can mean more money for you!

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Affiliate Gallery Builder (FHGs)
Automatically build affiliate promotional galleries by the dozen or even hundreds at a time. The CMS randomizes photos, crops thumbnails, cuts video clips and encodes into multiple formats and loads your gallery templates for you.
Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs)
Ghost Cash's hosted galleries can be used to spice up your TGP or gallery sites. And not only will we make it easy by embedding the affiliate codes, but we'll also cover the bandwidth costs!
Tube Clips
Tube clips are some of the most popular promotional tools on the market today. We have 3 minute tube clips for you to use on your tube site. Custom clip sizes available upon request! Contact our support team for more..
Zipped Content
Ghost Cash has free TGP galleries, movie galleries and other spicy content guaranteed to bring sales! Each site has the content zipped and ready for download.
Our promotion banners are among the most colorful and inviting on the web! Animated and static banners are available in numerous sizes to accommodate all kinds of site configurations.
Picture Of The Day (POTD)
Ask any webmaster in the know: A new picture to greet surfers daily is a fantastic way to get those sales rolling in! Ghost Cash offers nude and non-nude pictures in any thumb size you need. Just choose the desired size, then copy, paste and watch the money roll in!
Need a good pop-up, pop-under, exit or 404 page? Check out our half- and full-page ads available for each site.
Linking Codes
Ghost Cash's linking codes are hassle-free and webmaster-friendly! Just cut, paste and avoid the headaches that some other sites put you through!
Hosted Blogs
Our blogs, our designs, your affiliate codes. Refer surfers to the our new Hosted Blogs Today.
Rotating Model Thumbs
Here's another neat webmaster tool from Ghostcash. This script allows you to rotate the model thumbs on our tour page directly on your site. Each thumb is auto rotated with each page view and links to the girls model page with your affiliate code.
Rotating Galleries
Here's a neat tool for all of you blog owners. You can now put our free hosted galleries in your sidebars, almost like a mini tgp. You can see a demo of the script here: Thumbnails are refreshed with each page view so your surfers always have new content. You can customize many options such as background color, number of galleries, width, etc. Click to try different options and preview the script.
Sites logos
Download a psd with our paysites logos and fonts to make your own designs.